Here at Edge Brewing Company, we strive to perfect the staples you love while also diving into the unknown with a wild abandon. We are a community of beer enthusiasts blending passion, knowledge, and experience to bring an innovative and exciting range of beers to the Northwest and Beyond!

Below you will find all of our canned and bottled products. These products can be found at the restaurant, select gas stations and grocery stores, and liquor stores. For our rotating tap list, scroll on down! Our tap list is updated once a week.


Huckleberry Cider

Semi-sweet cider with huckleberry.

Peach Cider

A sweet balanced cider with peach.

Wildfire Cider

Spiced cinnamon cider with a small kick.


Blackwater Imperial Stout

A robust and hoppy stout.

Edge Easy Ale

A light rice Kolsch, perfect for easy drinking.

Idaho Amber

Balanced American amber ale.


Traditional Marzan lager.

Pugzilla IPA

Citrus forward West Coast IPA with Chinook hops

Obligatory DIPA

Well Balanced DIPA between hoppy and bitter.

Meowthra IPA

West Coast IPA, more dank finish.

Ready to Drink Cocktails

Strawberry Lemon Drop

Strawberry puree, lemonade, and EDGE Vodka.

Peach Tea and Vodka

Peach tea, EDGE Vodka, and real cane sugar.

Vodka Mule

Ginger beer, lime, EDGE Vodka, real cane sugar.

Vodka Sodas

Edge Vodka sodas made with no sugars and no carbs. Available in Huckleberry and Orange Cream

Apple Pie Moonshine

EDGE Moonshine, apple juice, spices, and real cane sugar.

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Huckleberry Whiskey Lemonade

Our crafted EDGE Huckleberry Whiskey mixed with lemonade and huckleberry.


Wildfire Whiskey

Our crafted EDGE Whiskey with spiced cinnamon. Found in liquor stores throughout Idaho

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Huckleberry Whiskey

Our crafted EDGE Whiskey with huckleberry. Found in liquor stores throughout Idaho

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